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Sit or Stand was born out of the frustration of not having an alternative to sitting at your desk.


Our mission is to provide individuals with a choice when it comes to the height of the desk or workstation they use, either at home or in the office. We honestly believe a fully height adjustable desk should be standard in all office environments, giving your staff the option to sit or stand depending on what their body is telling them. 


We provide high quality, competitively priced products that fit the varying needs of our clients. Particularly when it comes to retrofitting desks in your office. It takes time and money to remove the cabling from workstation partitions and then reinstate accordingly. Not to mention the cost of disposing of the desks themselves. We can remove the undercarriage or supporting mechanism of  your existing desk and install one of our new height adjustable frames. Less waste and reduced cost. 


We have been lucky enough to have completed some large scale office fit outs including L41 at 80 Collins St (94 workstations) L7 at 35 Collins St (143 workstations) which was the Premiers floor, L27 at 80 Collins St (126 workstations). We have also completed much smaller jobs for individual home offices and small businesses. No job is too big or too small. 

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