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Sit stand desks
Sit stand desks
Sit stand desks


We can't claim to be Massage Therapists, Physios or Chiropractors, but we know from past experience you'll feel much better by standing for just 12 minutes per hour. We offer some of the following services to get you standing as soon as possible. 


Sit or Stand offer an excellent range of desks and workstations. We can also offer you a cost effective solution to update your office environment. We will supply, deliver and install an under desk system which replaces the undercarriage of your existing workstations. The only difference you will notice is the ability to lift your desk from a sitting to a standing position at the touch of a button. No other components will be affected. In some instances, you may need to move powerpoints which are part of your workstation partitions or relocate hanging shelves which will prevent the desk top from rising. 


The system can be used with a single piece top in either L shape or straight. It will work with a two piece top with both pieces rising or only one. It can also be applied to a 3 part modular desk with the middle portion of the L shape fitted with a single sit stand mechanism. 


Workstation and Desk Modifications

We have worked with many different workstation and desk systems over the last 25 years. We are able to provide you with a quote to reconfigure or retrofit  your current system at a cost effective price. Email us for a quote or with any enquiries. 


Task Chairs and Other Seating

Sit or Stand also offer an excellent range of seating for your office environment. We only offer the best so in conjunction with our suppliers, we also offer an unbeatable 10 year warranty. For the most comprehensive range of seating available, go to the

DAL Brands website, make your choice and then contact us for a quote. We won't be beaten on price. 


Free Delivery and Installation

We've all been through the process, "Sorry sir/madam, delivery and installation will be an additional cost." Not at Sit or Stand. Our services are all encompassing. The price you are quoted will include everything it takes to get your desk set up and working on the day it arrives. 


Whether you require an after hours install or a business hours install, the price does not vary.  


Relocation service

Office environments are all about churn. People move from one place to another constantly. If we install a Retrofit desk frame and it needs to be moved within 30 days of the install, we can arrange to move it for the cost of the retrofit at the new destination only. We will remove the desk from it's existing location and restore the desk to it's original configuration for free. That's a 50% saving. 

Wouldn't mind trying one?

Not sure about this sit stand thing? Just a fad? Maybe not. People said the same thing about the adjustable office chair which is now standard equipment for every office worker. Call us to arrange a free 14 day trial in your office (subject to availability). 

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